Comments: People With Parkinson's

Reports From People With Parkinson's

Here is a summary of the feedback we've received from People with Parkinson's disease who have tried Dopalights red light therapy wristband or headband. People with Parkinson's appear to be very sensitive to light therapy, which can be a good thing or a bad thing.

People who do not have Parkinson's disease can often wear Dopalights all day long with only positive effects, and the effects tend to be less noticeable for people who are very healthy (without pain, stiffness, inflammation, fatigue or toxicity). Whereas People with Parkinson's tend to feel some improvement in these areas with only a few minutes of wearing Dopalights per day, based on reports received, yet can feel "overdosed" negative effects very easily also.

These are only reports from People with Parkinson's who have tried Dopalights. They are not clinical studies or guarantees. Results may vary. We do not claim to diagnose, cure, or treat any diseases.

Based on feedback, both the wristband and the headband appear to yield equivalent results. Most people prefer the wristband for comfort, but the headband may be preferred by some due to potentially beneficial exposure of the hearing mechanism and the vagus nerve to the light, and assistance with lymphatic drainage from the head and neck.

Here are some reports from PwP:

"I'm going to order some extras to lend to people to try out... I'm hoping that the bands will help my friends as much as it has helped me."

"After wearing I notice relaxation in my muscles. Then a few hours later I feel lithe - no molasses slow movement. Had two amazing days last week. Experienced joy and arousal. Tremor is reduced consistently. Am also going to the bathroom which is highly unusual!"

"I know what she means about feeling lithe after using the wristband. I hadn't realized how rigid I was until I started using the wristband and felt what it's like to move more freely. "

"I backed down to 2.5 - 3 min as the 5 was pushing me into the jitters. At 2.5 min I am finding ease content feeling at lower dosage. There was some discomfort like drinking too much coffee with 5 after a while."

"I started with 2 min. I am up to 7 min. with no adverse affects and I feel better with more stability and life force in my body."

"Two things I have noticed. I am sure that my right ankle stiffness (rigidity) has lessened. I am also feeling more focused. My energy levels throughout the day feel more stabilized and consistent instead of feeling that low energy in the afternoon which I was getting."

"I've been using it since 5/21 and I'm finding that the 2 to 5 minute duration is improving my rigidity, energy level and sleep."

"Both the energy boost and the side-effects are delayed for me... the most obvious thing after taking it off from a 5 minute session is a reduction in dyskinesia, then a cool feeling min my muscles, followed by alertness, energy and mood improvement. If I've overdone it slightly, the the side-effects com in the evening... If I've really overdone it then I feel bad quickly and for the rest of the day." (Dr. Gary Sharpe)

"My husband is using the dopalights for 2 weeks and he noticed that he can reduce his medicine dose and this results in less side effects from the medication. We hope that this results will further increase."

"No improvement in tremor but I feel that wearing the wristband clears my head, I feel focused and positive these days. I also feel it is helping to keep my gait smooth and not clunky..."

"Fungus and Red Light Therapy, I personally think Gary is on to something. I could wear the Dopalight all day with nothing by positive input. I'm sure it is helping my stiff shoulder..."

"My red headband has immediate affects. I can't wear it for more than about 3 minutes... an hour later my weight lifting is much easier."

Comments: CFS, Pain, Injuries, & More

Reports From Customers About DopaLights

These are reports from people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, depression, fatigue, obesity, injuries, etc. who have tried Dopalights wristband and/or headband.

"I've been walking around very heavy hearted for so long. This helps me feel more light hearted (I know there's a pun there, but it's true:)"

"Hubby still experiencing bliss and euphoria. For me my body aches abate about 2 hours post dosage and last nicely for 12 hours or so."

"Yesterday hubs was sitting at the breakfast table all glum & tired. I gave him the wrist band for 5 minutes & I could see in his eyes that it was benefitting him. He had a very busy day but was able to stay focused all day."

"Have definitely noticed a significant decrease in sugar cravings and intake since using the red dopa light."

"Definitely minimal effort in reducing the sugars my body doesn't crave it anymore."

"The first day I noticed I had a sense of renewed energy. I didn't get sleepy in the afternoon like usual."

"My husband has had some restricted joint movement on his left hand. He has regained improved ROM and less pain after x2 uses!!"  

"Making a big, positive impact on the energy levels and mind clarity issues of ME/CFS for me."

"...trying the headband... W.O.W. It was as if my head / body sighed with relief, it felt so very good."

"I also have CFS & have found my energy to be improved & much more steady. Loving it so far."

"I have been using a DopaLight headband regularly for the past week, and it has reduced my chronic pain symptoms significantly (more so than any physical treatment such as massage etc). On top of that it has increased my attention and mental clarity."

"Oh my goodness so I did the Dopa light for 10 mins and wrapped it around my knee and the swelling went down, and my pain has nearly gone away!"

"...these are awesome! My boss actually said something to me yesterday (after a couple weeks wearing the headband) about how I seem more engaged and happier at the office. Thanks again!!!"

"I felt an instant boost in my mood and energy after only five minutes."

"I feel more energetic and my craving to pick on food decreased."