Light Therapy Products

Comments from People with Parkinson's

"I feel better with more stability and life force in my body."


"After wearing I notice relaxation in my muscles. Then a few hours later I feel lithe - no molasses slow movement. Had two amazing days last week. Experienced joy and arousal. Tremor is reduced consistently. Am also going to the bathroom which is highly unusual!"

"I know what she means about feeling lithe after using the wristband. I hadn't realized how rigid I was until I started using the wristband and felt what it's like to move more freely. "

Comments From People With CFS, Pain, and Injuries

"The first day I noticed I had a sense of renewed energy. I didn't get sleepy in the afternoon like usual."

"My husband has had some restricted joint movement on his left hand. He has regained improved ROM and less pain after x2 uses!!"  

"Making a big, positive impact on the energy levels and mind clarity issues of ME/CFS for me."

"...trying the headband... W.O.W. It was as if my head / body sighed with relief, it felt so very good."

Research - Light Therapy for Inflammation

“One of the most general benefits of PBM that has recently emerged, is its pronounced anti-inflammatory effects... The local reduction of edema, and reductions in markers of oxidative stress and pro-inflammatory cytokines are well established. However there also appears to be a systemic effect whereby light delivered to the body, can positively benefit distant tissues and organs. ”  

Research Page

We have a separate page of our website dedicated to referencing research studies about light therapy and red light therapy, and the benefits which have been found in scientific research studies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which one should I get? Red Light Therapy or White Light Therapy? Wristband or Headband?

White light therapy is very stimulating. It is good for people who need help waking up or staying awake, such as night shift workers, or to recover from jet lag. Red light therapy is more gentle and soothing, but can also be very stimulating. Red light therapy is a better choice for people who are likely to only tolerate short sessions of a few minutes at a time (such as people with Parkinson's). The wristband is very convenient and comfortable, especially if you plan to wear it for many hours per day. The headband adds the benefits of aural light therapy and stimulation of hair follicles.   

How long should I wear my light therapy headband or light therapy wristband?

Start very slowly, with just 2-5 minutes with any of the light bands, and wait at least a few hours before using it more, to see how you react. People who have chronic illnesses, such as Parkinson's disease, or high toxicity, may experience detox type symptoms (headache, nausea, etc.) if you wear DopaLights too long, which can be even just a few minutes for some people. Gradually add time each use and each day, as tolerated. Some people can tolerate it all day long, and benefit more and more from increased use.  

Should I get the rechargeable wristband or the battery operated wristband?

If you only need 15 minutes per day or less, then a battery operated unit will last you a long time on one battery. The battery in the battery operated wristband will last approximately 30-60 hours and should be changed before it completely runs out because it continues to gradually become dimmer and dimmer until it runs out. The dim light does not produce as strong effects as the bright light. If you are relatively healthy and plan to wear the wristband many hours per day, the rechargeable wristband would probably be best for you.

Which light setting should I choose? Constant on or flashing light?

All of the DopaLights white and red light therapy headbands and wristbands come with 4 optional settings: constant on, slow flashing, and fast flashing. It is only for your preference. Choose any of the settings you like best. Currently, we do not know of any significant differences in effects from any of the settings. Try them all and choose the one you like best. Click on, then keep clicking until you reach the setting you prefer. When you are ready to turn it off, click it through the settings options until it turns off. 

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